Monday, February 8, 2010

Step by Step Painting with Jim

Here are the materials I'll be using for my painting of Daniel:
Crescent Watercolor Board, an assortment of Liquitex and Matisse Acrylics, layed out on an enamel butcher tray on folded, wet paper towels.
Here I've laid in a background acrylic wash using a Hake brush.

Using reference, I start to pick out the negative shapes behind the large Macrocarpa Tree.
I'm working with the negative shapes, using red-orange colors to establish a complimentary color scheme.
Here, I'm starting to define the light areas on Daniel with a dry-brush technique.

The finished painting, after I glazed the entire painting using Liquitex Yellow Orange Azo to enhance the color harmony.
For a closer look, check out Jim's gallery page on our website.