Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seriously Funny

Last Friday, near closing time, a young man came into our shop.  Two days before we sold him some Art Spectrum odourless solvent and a bottle of Liquin as per his tutor's instructions.  He had returned to inform us that he wanted a refund since he hadn't used them.  When we inquired as to why he wanted to return the products, he told us someone at the other North Shore art store (which is located in Albany) told him that those products were "inferior".  And, "Liquin will crack his brushes".  They recommended that he substitute a non-odourless FAS solvent and didn't even suggest another fast drying medium.  They simply told him, "Liquin will crack your brushes".


Which brings us to our Daily Report.  We will share professional advice because we are professionals.  Please don't accept advice from pimple-faced clerks who haven't even completed a semester of art school.  

But, keep sharing the "advice" of those Wunderkinders because we definitely need a good laugh....daily.  ; )

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